About A La Mode Pie

Our Story  

A la Mode has been a top choice for gourmet pies in Vancouver since the founder Angus McKay brought his original homemade recipes from his restaurant bakeries in 1986. Located in the public market at the heart of BC’s most well-known arts and cultural district, Granville Island, our café features delicious home-made sweet and savoury pies.

Our Company Name

In French, a la mode means “in style of fashion”. In North America, it has also come to mean “Ice Cream on Pie”. At A la Mode, we have stayed true to the excellence of tradition while continuing to innovate based on our customer’s tastes. We have classic pies that are carefully made to the same recipe for the past 37 years while we’ve also travelled the world in pursuit of new pie recipes that resonate with modern customers. This has led to the creation of new products like our puff pot pies, cheesecake pies and tarts.

Our Operations

We offer a wide range of traditional and unique pies that are made with the choicest and freshest of ingredients. One bite into one of our sweet pies and you will immediately notice the difference between our pies and the typical store-bought fare. Our pies are loaded with fruit and our pie pastry is decadently flakey made with real butter or all vegetable shortening.

Our ongoing pursuit of excellence in pies has earned us steady following with loyal customers that have been coming back time and time again. For the longest time, we were one of the best kept secrets for local Vancouverites. However over the past decade we have been featured in a number of international travel guides and magazines earning us international renown.

Don’t miss out on our seasonal pies like our Holiday Apple, Pumpkin, Turkey and Tourtiere pies offered during Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you’d like to bake one of pies in the comfort of your home, we have over 40 flavours of frozen pies to choose from. Our two-step-baking process is easy to follow. The included instructions will help you enjoy home-made pies in the comfort of your home in no time!


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