1. Do you sell pie by the slice?
    Yes! We offer 20 different sliced pies for our customers to choose from.

  1. Do you bake your goods on site?
    Yes, proudly so!

  1. Are your pies handmade?
    All of our pies are handmade, with over 40 selections to choose from.

  2. What pie sizes do you have and how many people do they serve?
    Our pie sizes and their serving portions are as follows:



    Pie Size in Inches

    Serving Portion

    Regular pies and quiches


    Individual Serving



    6-8 people

    Deep Quiches, Flan and Cheesecake Pies


    Individual Seriving



    6-8 people



    8-12 people


    1. Do you use lard in your pies?
      No, we don’t. Our pies are made with real butter, eggs, and trans-fat free vegetable shortening 

    2. Are your pies peanut free?
      Our bakery is completely peanut free and we do not have any peanuts in the store. However, our facility and equipment do handle other nuts such as pecans and walnuts.

    3. Do you have a gluten free menu?
      Please see here for our Gluten Free menu. Note that while we offer gluten free pies, our entire facility isn’t gluten free.

    4. Do you have a vegan menu?
      Please click here for our vegan menu.

    5. Do you have a sugar free menu?
      Please click here for our sugar free menu.

    6. Do you have an organic menu?
      Please see here for our Organic menu.

    7. Do you use preservatives in any of your products?
      No, absolutely not.

    8. Are your dessert pies vegetarian?
      Yes, all of our dessert pies are vegetarian. We use trans-fat free vegetable shortening and real butter in our pastry. Our pastries do not contain lard, and unless specified (i.e. products specified containing meat or seafood), our quiches are vegetarian as well.

    9. Are your pies trans-fat free?
      Yes, we use trans-fat free vegetable shortening in all of our pies.

    10. What’s the difference between your Pacific Salmon Pie and Salmon Chowder Pot Pie?
      Our Pacific Salmon Pie contains pink salmon and is a sliced pie served with a house salad on the side.  Our Salmon Chowder Pot Pie is a cream-based chowder with Smoked Wild Salmon topped with Puff Pastry. 

    11. What is Pie A La Mode?
      It refers to a warm slice of pie topped with ice-cream. In addition, at our café, we also offer melted cheddar cheese as pie topping at the customer’s special request.

    12. What is Bubble Tea?
      Bubble tea, also known as pearl tea, is a tea-based beverage that is often served with chewy tapioca. Bubble teas are usually either fruit flavored or milk tea based. It was originally invented in Taiwan in the 1980’s, and has grown to wide popularity in Europe and North America today. At A La Mode, we are proud to use real 100% fruit puree in our bubble tea selections.


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