Pink Lemonade Pie (V)


Stay cool and dreamy this summer with a Pink Lemonade Pie

Embark on this fun and flavorful ride with a nostalgic tang inspired by the classic Pink Lemonade beverage. This delicious refreshing pie is the answer to your perfect summer barbecue!

This pie features a tasty filling of Raspberry whipped pudding, naturally infused with real lemon juice and loaded in a handcrafted buttery graham biscuit pie shell. It is topped with freshly whipped cream, plump raspberries, delicately placed lemon slices and embellished with cocktail decorations.

 Note: This pie requires setting process and needs be ordered at least 48 hours before pick-up at our Granville Island location.

Preserving Fresh Tart Instructions: Keep this pie refrigerated all the time.

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